11 “Ryan Doble Approved” – Okay Tips



1. Learn to control your bladder.  There are not many public restrooms and you usually are out and about for hours.

2. Wear good pants or shorts that you can go commando in.  That’s less time cleanin.

3. Resist your primal American need of drinking soda. It is about 3 euros for a half liter :/

4. Just assume people don’t speak english.

5. Travel with someone who doesn’t annoy you or doesn’t get offended when you want to walk around alone.

6. If you are addicted to social media and always being connected then brace your, gentle digital heart for some slow connections. Even with wifi.

7. Bring deodorant.  There is only one brand in the stores and it is at least double what you would pay in the U.S.

8. Learn to appreciate graffiti.

9. Invent an app that has a map for the best hotels in accordance to your price range, the metro, and attractions.

10. Treat yourself. Get that gelato, buy that wine with a bit more alcohol content for two more euros.  You’re traveling not surviving.

11. Love  bread. Sandwiches are the name of the game here and it is easier if you are just friends with bread.  (Gluten Free, not Apply) :(


Ryan Lake Tahoe


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