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Why You Should Not Be Afraid To Travel To Europe

Why You Should Not Be Afraid To Travel To Europe A member of a group I was recently traveling with in Yellowstone National Park asked me if I was concerned about the safety of travel to Europe. His own concern had figured into his choice to travel in the U.S. that time instead of Europe.[…]


Vatican City, Europe

     Fun Fact: The Vatican City is interesting because it is a small country within Italy with practically zero security when entering. They don’t stamp your passport either, so I was greatly disappointed. I almost don’t want to write the rest of this post because of that fact alone, but will press on. The ticket entry is[…]


Rome, Italy

         When traveling from Torino to Florence to Rome, I knew that Rome would be the height of my Italian adventures. We stayed with a man named Leonardo, that we found on (Here is his site). The room was everything we could ask for; in a great area, near a supermarket,[…]


11 “Ryan Doble Approved” – Okay Tips

  1. Learn to control your bladder.  There are not many public restrooms and you usually are out and about for hours. 2. Wear good pants or shorts that you can go commando in.  That’s less time cleanin. 3. Resist your primal American need of drinking soda. It is about 3 euros for a half[…]

Ponte Vecchio, Florence

Florence, Italy

    Florence is definitely my favorite Italian city so far on this trip. Everything is so close and it actually feels like I am in a cliche Italian city.  The Duomo is like a 10 minute walk from my room and on that walk you pass other ancient churches and shops, which are a bit too[…]


Trains From Milan to Torino

Trains in Italy are not my thing. I don’t like the whole system behind it and how limited and surpisingly expensive it is to travel that way. I could see it being convienent sometimes, but if I were to take up perminent residence here in Italy, I would probably just purchase a car and risk it on the[…]