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Fun Fact: The Vatican City is interesting because it is a small country within Italy with practically zero security when entering.

They don’t stamp your passport either, so I was greatly disappointed. I almost don’t want to write the rest of this post because of that fact alone, but will press on.

The ticket entry is about 16 euros to get in and that includes seeing the 3 or 4 museums they have and also the Sistine Chapel. The Vatican Museums are amazing because you get to see some of the greatest Catholic art ever to be created. Some have informational panels to help you understand what you are viewing, but there are many others that don’t.  I say that because I like to stand and read about a piece, and the museums were a bit lacking, but like 80% of them were depicting Jesus, so it was pretty easy to get the gist.

The crowd isn’t that bad in the museums, but once you get the smallest inkling to try to go to venture the Sistine Chapel the scence is pretty hectic. You are guided into a long hallway lined with ancient art and maps, but you feel rushed because everyone has the “holy pip” in their step due to the proximity of the Sistine Chapel.  You are pushed through a small staircase and it can be confusing because there are no windows and you have no idea of the layout of this building.  BUT then BAM.  You’re in.  

People are muttering to themselves. Pointing at the different parts of the wall. Christian saw this as a great picture opportunity, but before his little millennial mind could even release the dopamine reward for touching his phone a guard yelled “NO PICTURES ALLOWED!”   Much like the painting of Adam and Eve eating the fruit on the ceiling, “Someone” could not resist taking a picture. That individual won’t show it just in case ,That individual gets in trouble, and to be safe, this is now a travel parody blog.  He/she??  still has never left the United States.  :) haha

You exit out the Sistine Chapel and there is a huge courtyard/square/circle thing in front of you.  You get to walk around and get slowly roasted by the miday European sun,  for free… so it is a pretty sweet deal.  We then felt as if we have seen all the Vatican had to offer and decided to leave.

Vatican – 8/10 pretty cool stuff. -2 points because the Fanta I bought from the vending machine tasted bad.

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