Rome, Italy

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When traveling from Torino to Florence to Rome, I knew that Rome would be the height of my Italian adventures. We stayed with a man named Leonardo, that we found on (Here is his site). The room was everything we could ask for; in a great area, near a supermarket, and literally right next to a metro station.

Traveling around Rome is especially easy with the metro system leading to major attractions like the Colosseum and Vatican. All you need to is buy a week pass and you can board it as often as you want. The only downside is that if you try to go on during peak hours you get some unsavory smells and your comfort zone is pressed to its limits. Other than that, it is easy.

The first day we took the tram to the Colosseum, walking out the tunnel to see the thing you’ve only seen in shows and never really expected to see in person is amazing. We decided to not go into the colosseum that day because of the long line, so we just walked around to see the sights and sounds of places you don’t need to wait in line for.

**bring good walking shoes obviously because everything is near each other but still a healthy distance**

I don’t quite recall the names of the food places we ate at because they are everywhere (and unfortunately don’t stand out too much) but that is convenient in its own way, because you can always be guaranteed a decent meal for an okay price anywhere. Pizza was like 4 euros right outside the Colosseum!

Overall my first impression of Rome was significantly greater than every other Italian city I’ve been to, but there is much more to come.

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