Ticket Site Catastrophe: The Poorer Man’s Solution To Airline Tickets



When searching for hours and studying up on tickets to Europe I found that the surefire airport to fly into for the cheapest is Milan, Italy. Conveniently this is exactly where I wanted to go. I found it odd that flying roughly 1700 km eastward is cheaper than landing into Spain or Portugal, but I was not complaining.

Now that I had a heading I had to go through the trials and tribulations of finding the ticket. I remember seeing ads for ticket sites such as Kayak or Travelocity and I have come to the conclusion that they are the same sites. Whatever algorithm of dates or locations I put in it would always lead me to a the same $1800-$2100 ticket price. I only had about $1100 and knew by the time I gained enough money for that price it would have gone up. So I was in the dumps.

SUDDENLY like the Riders of Rohan a beacon of light emerged over the hill, CheapFareGuru.com. It may sound like a scam and it may not have the most positive reviews, but I am here to tell you the site is legit and the reviews are bologna. Most of the reviews are people trying to cancel their tickets and having trouble or not being able to get a refund. So a helpful tip would be “Don’t have a life, family, or financial crisis before or around your trip”-Ryan approved tip.

CheapFareGuru.com is neat because you enter in the dates you want and to where and boom it shows a lot cheaper sites, and it even gives you “flexible” departures. So if you can leave a day or two later or earlier it will do its best to find the cheapest for those days. And oh boy did it. I was able to find a ticket 2 days earlier for $1235! After some depraved craigslist sales I had enough to buy my ticket.  After you buy your ticket someone will call you and confirm. I was scared I got scammed at first too, so, I emailed Virgin Airlines to confirm. They approved and I was living on cloud 9.  How CheapFareGuru.com works is, it buys bulk packages of tickets and sells them at a discount. There might be a more indepth explanation out there but this is a travel blog not a CheapFareGuru.com business analysis site. Now that I had my ticket I was in pure saving mode and started searching for traveling luggage. I will write an article on this later.
P.S.  My bank account still doesn’t look me in the eyes after we kiss :/


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