Ponte Vecchio, Florence

Florence, Italy

    Florence is definitely my favorite Italian city so far on this trip. Everything is so close and it actually feels like I am in a cliche Italian city.  The Duomo is like a 10 minute walk from my room and on that walk you pass other ancient churches and shops, which are a bit too[…]


Trains From Milan to Torino

Trains in Italy are not my thing. I don’t like the whole system behind it and how limited and surpisingly expensive it is to travel that way. I could see it being convienent sometimes, but if I were to take up perminent residence here in Italy, I would probably just purchase a car and risk it on the[…]


Ticket Site Catastrophe: The Poorer Man’s Solution To Airline Tickets

  When searching for hours and studying up on tickets to Europe I found that the surefire airport to fly into for the cheapest is Milan, Italy. Conveniently this is exactly where I wanted to go. I found it odd that flying roughly 1700 km eastward is cheaper than landing into Spain or Portugal, but[…]